Baroque and folk oboe

Baroque oboe

The baroque oboe I offer is based on instruments developed by the Ponseele brothers in the second half of the last century from originals that are in the Brussels Musical Instrument Museum, among others. The instrument defaults to A = 415 Hz (a semitone lower than modern instruments, as required by the international agreement regarding the diapason for early music). The instruments were traditionally made in boxwood. As long as boxwood is available from local extraction, the wood can be used to make the instruments offered here. Inquire about stock or the alternative that can be offered. Boxwood needs to rest for 10 years before it can be used.

The instruments consist of three parts and have two valves in brass or silver (extra cost); one for the fundamental (C or A) and one for the minor third (Mib or C). You can find the fingering charts here.

Baroque oboe in C (A=415 Hz): 1600 euros
Baroque oboe d’amore in A (A=415 Hz): 1800 euros


Since it is a pity that with an instrument in A=415 Hz you cannot play together with modern instruments, so the wonderful warm sound of the baroque oboe is never heard in modern music, I made a modern version. I offer them under the name folkhobo because I use them myself for playing folk music. The folk oboe has the same fingering as the baroque oboe, but looks a little tighter and is tuned in the modern diapason of = 440 Hz.

Folkhobo in C (A=440 Hz): 1400 euros