Maintenance and repair of acoustic stringed instruments

Making bagpipes and oboes still leaves little time to be occupied with building stringed instruments. Still, I don’t want to leave my first love just like that. I have the knowledge and equipment, so for tuning your beloved instrument or repairing all kinds of (minor) mishaps you may always contact me.

Depending on the problem or assignment, a price is determined, which is based on an hourly rate of 60 euros plus the cost of the goods used. To give you an idea: re-stringing an acoustic guitar takes half an hour = 30 euros + strings. Making a new bone bridge comb and intonating will easily take an hour = 60 euros + 20 euros for the comb.

For some problems/orders, a price estimate can be provided by phone or e mail. More complicated problems (dented top, warped neck, etc.) require me to examine the instrument myself.

I do not do repairs to the wiring or engineering of electric guitars!