“Until one truly commits, there is the hesitation, the opportunity to withdraw and always ineffectiveness in everything one undertakes or creates. As soon as one irrevocably takes on something and puts one’s shoulders to the wheel, Providence sets in motion. The decision brings forth a whole series of events. Whatever you can do or think you can do, start it. In daring lie genius, power and magic.” (Goethe)


This web page is the preliminary culmination of 25 years of practical research in the wonderful world of musical instrument making.

What began in 1998 at the center for musical instrument building in Puurs with a degree in guitar building, 25 years later has grown into a workshop for building Flemish bagpipes and the like.

Local anchoring and small scale

The instruments I build are made from local woods. The traditional hardwood for making woodwinds in Europe is boxwood. But any wood that turns well qualifies. You can find a list on the Wood Wanted page.

Because I am convinced that a healthy society benefits from small scale and short chains, and because it fits with the artisanal approach I cherish, I do not process purchased non-European wood. Even such beautiful species as pear rowanberry (cormier) and alderberry (alisier) or olivewood that thrive in southern Europe are used only sporadically. Only when offered will they be processed. In that case, it would be a shame to miss out on a beautiful piece of wood….


You can find the prices of the instruments in their descriptions. All prices include VAT.

The waiting time for all newly constructed instruments is currently about six months. Payment is made upon delivery. An instrument may always be rejected at that time; other buyers will thank you….